Astro Lucky Names

Great Name – Great Success — Aamir Khan

Aamir khan — (Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan) We know, Aamir Khan is one of the leading and highest-paid actor in Indian cinema. He is also a Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Television Personality, Social Worker – such a multi talented personality. He has started career in cinema as assistant director and succeeded in Hindi film industry and […]

Great Name – Great Success — Sri Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi — ( Narendra Damodardas Modi ), the prime minister of India, is inspiration and example to many ,with his achievements. He is son of a small merchant from a small town Vadnagar,Gujarat,India. Its written that Modi ji used to sold tea to help his brother. He is  an average student in school, but very […]

Great Name Great Success – KAJAL

We know, Kajal ( originally Kajal Agarwal ) is one of the leading and highest-paid actresses in south Indian cinema. She has started her career in cinema, from 2004 and succeeded in Tamil ,Telugu film industries, established herself to a prominent position. . Coming to our point, Kajal ‘s  Date of Birth is 19th June […]

Great Name – Great Success – SS RAJAMOULI

Great name — Great success A synonym added to dictionary  for success and fame in Indian cinema history. — SS RAJA MOULI. With all respect to his intelligence, hard work, perseverance and success, I am trying to draw few points in the perspective of Astrology and Lucky Name. SS RAJA MOULI’S date of birth is 10 […]