Lucky Gems

Lucky Gems and their Benefits

The gems act as an antenna between human body and cosmic rays.

They have healing characteristics. The study of Gem Stones is a science.

Take advantage of these natural healers. The right gemstones will absorb required cosmic energy in order to balance your system.

The right gems will balance humans thinking.

When our thinking is balanced, chances of making mistakes are less likely and more success is achieved. Prevention is better than the cure.

If the planetary configuration is well at the time of wearing the prescribed gemstone, then lot changes will be noticed within your body and mind.

Improvement in sleep, positive attitude towards people, people will think more positively of you, less cynical reactions, more tolerance and calmness, improvement in relationship and family matters, improvement in materials and income, and acquire a better look and aura.

With you will know which gemstone will make you more powerful, healthy, beautiful, improve your income and relationships. You will also know which gemstones will hurt you. In applying this knowledge, you will lessen malefic affects and enhance your life.

Gemstones are the most powerful tools and are the essence of mother Earth. If you get energy from food, hydrate from water (both elements come from the Earth) then it follows that gemstones are the oldest and contain the purest concentrations of nourishment.