Great Name – Great Success — Sri Narendra Modi


Narendra Modi — ( Narendra Damodardas Modi ), the prime minister of India, is inspiration and example to many ,with his achievements.

He is son of a small merchant from a small town Vadnagar,Gujarat,India.

Its written that Modi ji used to sold tea to help his brother. He is  an average student in school, but very good debater.

In his teenage, he joined ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad), from there it’s typical success story as steadily grown up to Prime Ministership.

With all respect to his intelligence, hard work, perseverance and success,

I am trying to highlight, a few points in Mr. Narendra modi’s success story in the perspective of Astrology and Numerology (Lucky Names) .

Let us see.

His Date of Birth is 17th September 1950.

Now, astrologically, he is running through sadesati. But he succeeded to the top and, is prime minister of India.

His psychic number is 8 and destiny number is 5.

His name (Narendra Modi) number is 5.

In his horoscope Mercury is in Kanya (Virgo) Raasi and so name number 5 is good for him.

As I mentioned in the other article ,

When we have suitably vibrated name to strong planets in horoscope (which is a blueprint for life occurrences and patterns) and to psychic number/destiny number, it’s definitely adding value to life‘s happiness ,success and wealth index.

Otherwise,  if the name number denotes debilitated or weak planets, he/she may be in greater problems and confusions in life.

It helps to take right decisions at right time and right place to put ourselves in right moments which leads to success in life and become happy, wealthy, lucky .

This is all about positive attitude towards life, to make it easy.

In fact, your name is, A BRAND. Making it successful is in your hands.

Imagine our life, if luck meets with hard work ?

Jyothishya Mahaacharya


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Narendra Modi Numerology,Astrology,Horoscope analysis
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Narendra Modi Numerology,Astrology,Horoscope analysis
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