Great Name – Great Success – SS RAJAMOULI

s s rajamouli



A synonym added to dictionary for success and fame in Indian cinema history.

With all respect to his intelligence, hard work, perseverance and success, I am trying to draw few points in the perspective of Astrology and Lucky Name.

S S RAJA MOULI’S date of birth is 10th october 1973. (as mentioned in wikipedia).

His original name is SS Nandi (as mentioned in kamma wiki) with family name is Koduri.

But he is using the screen name as S S RAJA MOULI , with which we came to know about him and his continuous success in cinema industry since simhadri movie.

So, now we will see, what may also helped him to be in this great heights, from his horoscope and name (spelling and sound).

The number for his name SS RAJA MOULI is 32.

The 32 number has a magical power which gives success after success, in one area who is with a particular skill and talent.

In his horoscope, which is of-course extraordinary, the mercury is in thula (libra) rasi.  I cornered at kanya (virgo) lagna with known history like formal education, marriage, tough times before success. So mercury is 1st and 10th lord placed in 2nd position.

Therefore, his name number 32 (which is 5 denotes mercury) matches his strongest (helpful) planet Mercury in horoscope and when that dasa running , he is in peak position.

With our basic knowledge, we take 1 as lucky number when our birth date is 1/10/28. right ?

But, the fact is lucky name number must match(friendly) both to birth number and to the strong planet in horoscope. otherwise, there is no use of so called lucky name and he/she may be in greater problems and confusions in life.

Whether a coincidence or intentional , all successful people have this pattern. (Name number is compatible with strong helpful planet in horoscope and date of birth)

Before coming into limelight, rajamouli also went through many hardships like many famous people. His education is stopped incompletely and joined in one famous studio’s recording theater as editor and later assistant to a big director. He said in an interview that they had to go through tough times as their own production movie flopped and gone through very bad days.

So my point is, when we have suitably vibrated name to strong planets in horoscope (which is a blueprint for general life occurrences and patterns), its definitely adding value to life‘s happiness ,success and wealth index.

It helps to put ourselves in right profession and to take right decisions at right time which leads to success.

We have many cases who got success after name changes, may be small changes in name or totally different name. Some of them got small successes like getting a job, marriage , going abroad etc. and  some of them became popular by fame wise or money wise or both.

Have a great name. Nothing to lose. It may help us to reach greater heights and be happy, wealthy, lucky.

In fact, your name is, A BRAND. Make it successful.

jyothishya mahaacharya


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