• All numbers are good enough to give fortunes. Only thing is, need to choose what suitable to us, personally to get name and fame.
    Raamesh Sarma
    - Astrology Expert
  • Fortune Lucky gems recharges your body, improve your mind capacity, you gain more respect in the society and affection in the family and are able to accomplish tasks without difficulty.
    Raamesh Sarma
    - Astrology Expert
  • Lucky Place (Vasthu) will bring-in peace and harmony to various places of a person’s life such as Homes, Offices and Business Places.
    Raamesh Sarma
    - Astrology Expert
  • "Your signature is your identity. It shows how the world perceives you."
    Raamesh Sarma
    - Astrology Expert


Meet Raamesh Sarma. Astrology, Numerology, and Vasthu expert in Hyderabad.

  • Astrology


    Astrology is study of planets and influence they have on our lives.

  • Lucky Names

    Lucky Names

    Lucky Names will propel us to fame and fortune.

  • Matching Horoscope

    Matching Horoscope

    Choose the best bride or groom for your happy life.

  • Lucky Gems

    Lucky Gems

    They act as an antenna between human body and cosmic rays.

  • Vasthu


    The energy in our life based on the architecture of home,office.

  • Signature


    Your signature is your identity.It represents the inner you.

  • Career


    Find the right career that will utilize your skills & potential fully.

  • Muhurtham


    There is a perfect time and place for all things in this world. Choose.

  • Calendar, Panchang

    Calendar, Panchang

    Panchang helps to synchronize with best days and times.


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  •  Astro Lucky Name
  •  Lucky Gemstone
  •  Lucky Place as per Vasthu
  •  Signature

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